Saturday, June 12, 2010

I've missed blogging!!

  Hi everyone--oh how I've missed you!!  I've been away from blogging for a couple of weeks now--at first it was because something happened with our computer's Cookie settings, and Blogger wouldn't let me log-in.  Arghhh--it was so frustrating!!  Once we finally figured it out, I was too busy to post anything. 
   Life back to work as a full-time high-school teacher and mom to 2 young boys leaves me little if any time to craft (as I predicted a couple of months ago).  This past week, I tried to make a few cards in the evening, but gave up after 5 minutes because I was either too tired or had absolutely NO mojo in me!!  I've had a little bit of time to visit my favourite blogs for inspiration, but haven't even had the time to leave any comments (so I apologize to my blogging friends for not leaving you any love).
  The good news is that I only have 13 work day left before summer break!!  Also, the salon manager over at my aunt's spa where I've been selling my cards called me this week to let me know that my card display was getting empty!!  Yayy--more $$ for me!!  I needed to get more Father's Day cards for the display, given it's next Sunday, so I had some time this morning (while the kids played) to get at least these two made.  I used some WeRMemory Keepers patterned paper.  I really need to use up my patterned paper more for cards--makes things go a lot more quickly!! [Sorry for the dark pics--rather cloudy and dreary here today]

These are definitely not the best cards I've created, but, believe me, after some of the cards I attempted making this week, I felt pleased enough with these cards to at least post.  I'm also going to send these into this week's current CARDS blog challenge, which is Father's Day cards (might as well give it a shot, right?)

Well, off to do some much needed housekeeping while Caden naps--think I'm going to give Owen my dusting brush to help me do some of the chores ;)  He's a great little helper!!

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. Welcome back from your break, kudos to you for making some father's day cards right off the bat! Love the colors in these.

  2. i'm so glad you found time to post! your cards are perfect dad cards! just got mine done today:)

  3. yup, Tammy, it's been a little while since you and I blogged, isn't it? Hope you get some time (and $) for more card-making! YAY! Glad that you are making some $ to keep the hobby going-it's always a good thing, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog a while ago to give me much needed support during the tough time. xo PS: Love your manly cards!


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