Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Craft Nook!!

Okay--so here it is . . . my new craft space, which I'm now calling my Crafting Nook! It's NOT large, but it's ALL MINE!!
 It's a small nook area on the upper floor next to all the bedrooms--this is perfect because my craft space in the old house was in the basement, and after putting the kids to bed I would often be too lazy to go down there to craft.  Now, I can just kiss my boys good-night (Owen's door is on the very right of this photo), and get right to crafting!!

Here's my main work station, with everything within easy reach!!  I found the hutch on Kijiji--great deal!

Here's my new ribbon storage--LOVE!  Picked up the rack at HomeSense! (scroll down below to see my old ribbon storage--too hard to change the rolls out)

Here's my button storage--I just love these mini mason jars!!

 Here's the other side of my nook--more storage and a desk for my Cuttlebug and Sewing machine! The desk was part of the hutch deal on Kijiji!  Both for $60!!  I still have some organizing to do on that bookcase!

Here is the framed stained glass I hung up today!  It's an antique piece that my dad reframed for me.  I picked it up several years ago at what I lovingly call a "Stained glass graveyard" out in Campbellville.

So here's a look at my OLD craft space, which I don't think I ever posted.  It seems large enough, but my desk was always so cluttered, and what you don't see in the photo is that my DH's office was right behind me, and to the right was our rec-room/toy area--all areas together in one space!!!  Talk about cramped.  My kids' stuff was alway under my feet; although, surprisingly, the kids stayed away from all of my toys!!

I have yet to actually "use" my new space to craft (hopefully tonight).  I will let you know how it goes.  My goal is to always keep it tidy!  Wish me luck!!

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. Wonderful space, Tammy!! Love the bright window and your crafting area is so neat an tidy!! The work station is AWESOME!! It is a great find!

  2. Tammy, this is very lovely! I envy you as I am in the bsmt and it's really not a finished area, but enough that ALL my stuff is there.
    have a great time creating!

  3. its beautiful!! love the stained glass and hutch and all of that bright light! enjoy!

  4. Tammy I just love your new space! Great that it is upstairs and with all that natural light!!
    Can't wait to see what you craft in your new nook!

  5. I love the light you will get!

    I can't wait to be moved so I can set up my new space, too. Right now it's packed :(

  6. oh, thanks for letting me know about this post, Tammy!! Very inspiring to me. I thought I would want to stand, but I think I like to sit while stamping, but die cut standing up...I have 2 months to really think about how to set up my room. But then again, everything can be rearranged. LOVE your little new studio and all the fabulous finds you got! That window is AMAZING...I'm sure you will be inspired everyday :) I think I just need to unpack as best I can for now...really, I need to stop my whining!! LOL I am blessed :) have a great weekend...when does work start for you again? We head back Sept 6.

  7. I love it Tammy, it is so perfect and what a score on the hutch from Kijiji!


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