Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath for Spring {and tutorial}!

The wonderful part of being home for the Spring Break is having the chance to work on some projects around the house that I never have time for.  One of those projects was something I found online a while ago here.  I originally saw it on Pinterest!!  Gawd, I love that site and spend WAY TOO many hours on it!!

Any way, the project seemed so simple (and cheap), that I thought I'd give it a try.  I decided to take photos as I went along (be kind; it's my first tutorial).

You will need:
1 foam wreath
1 package of coffee filters
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Start of with a foam wreath.  You can buy a pre-made one, or make a cheap alternative.  I bought this 3' foam pipe insulator at Canadian Tire for 69cents!!  ThenI just  taped it up.
Wrap your thumb and pointer finger around your coffee filter like this:
Then, smush (I know, a very technical term) the top part to flatten and apply hot glue like this:
Attach flatten portion to the wreath:
Stagger the placement of the filters.  The closer you place them, the more filter you'll need to use. 
 I used approx. 100 filters in total.
 Here's the finished wreath.  I added some green and gold ribbon and some brown tassels for St. Patty's day, but I'll be buying some nice big ribbon in spring colours to dress it up for Easter.
 I hung it up on my mirror in our dining room.

Well, off to finish another project to add to the redecorating of our ensuite bath!!

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. Gorgeous Tammy.... but it takes a lot of patience I bet! And I can see how adding different colors (flowers or others) can change the look of it for Easter, Spring... summer.

    Great job on the tutorial ! Thanks. Mamilou (Louise)

  2. Lovely wreath on the mirror and great work on your tutorial!

  3. Tammy, this is amazing! Totall dig the fluffiness of it. I am impressed with how you MADE the wreath!

  4. LOVE this, Tammy! I've seen it done before with stained coffee filters, but I've got to say that that bright white is GORGEOUS! TFS!

  5. Tammy this is a stunning creation!

  6. This is such a fabulous idea! I love wreaths and I might just have to give this a try :)
    Joanne xo

  7. Very cool, Tammy!! I love how yours turned out!! It fits with your decor perfectly!!


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