Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LRW #191 - Red & White

Hi folks,
  Time for another Little Red Wagon challenge.  Sorry I missed last week--a bit hectic with end of the school year & exams, so I never got around to posting--but I'll post my Cardstock project at the end of this post.

  Anyway, this week we've been challenged to think CANADA DAY by using only RED & WHITE.
This was a definite challenge for me--only 2 colours?? wha??  So, I cheated (like all good crafters), and I threw in some neutrals, like kraft and gray, oh . .  and what the heck, why not sneak a bit of leaf green too?!  So . . . let's just say that I kept RED and WHITE my focus! (You DO NOT want to see my red&white only rejects--Yikes!).

LAST WEEK's  CARDSTOCK ONLY project (that's right; just white cardstock and stamps!)  I did CASE this card, but totally can't remember the original creator--so I do not take full credit.

Hope you can join our RED & WHITE Challenge!  First, check out what the rest of the DT created! (see links in sidebar)

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. Ooooh, what's Carolyn gonna say when she finds out you cheated? ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Wonderful cards. Love the repeated background on the first and that butterfly on the second cards looks so lovely.

  2. Awesome cards Tammy!
    Joanne xo


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