Monday, January 31, 2011

Curtain Call {Act 67}

I haven't played along with one of Stacey's Curtain Call challenges in a while . . . wait, that's a lie . . . I've played along often, but never get around to posting by the deadline.  Any way, I'm making this deadline.
{Act 67}:

Wanted to play around with a label from my Cricut Storybook cartridge (I've altered it slightly though because I accidently tore off a piece from the top, so I had to even out the bottom).  I don't use my Cricut very often--do any of you??
So when I posted the above photo, I was reinspired by Stacey's Curtain Call inspiration photo with the cup of warm cocoa!  So I came up with another submission for her challenge.  I had this idea in my head, and I tried all sorts of layouts and colour uses.  It took me longer than I thought it would, but here is what I came up with--I like it way more than my first submission!


Thanks 4 your time!


  1. Love it! I use mine all the time and I have ripped items in half ... lol!

  2. Wow, so many fabulous details on your card, it is lovely!

  3. This is very cute! I do "challenges" all the time, but forget to post them by the due date:-)

  4. Fabulous card, love the bling!

  5. Both cards are very cute. Couldn't pick a favorite. I don't use my Cricut nearly often enough -- kind of in spurts. But, I do have and love the Storybook cartridge. I may use it the most.

  6. Happy Superbowl Sunday,
    I just wanted to say hello and to also say that I just love this card. The colors that you picked for it are perfect.
    I am giving away a set of free clear stamps on my blog, please come on over and take a look.

    Have a great day!
    Jessica Lynn

  7. I love coffee and I'm a sucker for all coffee related cards!


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