Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Late on the Runway challenge

  I've been so looking forward to the summer holidays so that I actually have some time to complete some of my favourite challenges out there; alas, the first one I actually get done is too late!!

 I think this is precisely why I've not been around the blog-o-sphere as much as I used to--I have constant deadlines/due dates as a teacher, and the pressure sometimes of creating something, taking a photo of it, uploading and then posting about it was taking the fun out of the hobby itself.  So I've taken some time away (as you may have noticed--just my weekly posts for LRW), and I've given myself permission to just enjoy the challenges/inspiration out there.  Who cares if I post them late or EVER!!  LOL.

  I'm simply appreciating any time I have to create. Period.  Any way . . .  here's what first inspired me
I'm not a shoe-gal myself, but the GF I'm giving this card to sure is (not that there's a shoe on the card, but she loves a great drink too).  Here's my card:
 I love how Glossy Accents can make thinks look like glass--perfect for this image!!

So, I hope you enjoyed this card, even if it won't be seen on the Runway Inspired challenge blog.  Maybe I'll get their new challenge done--haha, don't hold your breath!

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. oh, that martini looks real enough to drink! Yum! What a perfect card for your GF! I hear ya on juggling work with craft...and I have an empty nest! But here's to the summer and time for US!

  2. Awesome job with the Glossy Accents, that martini looks amazing! Wonderful card.


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