Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RIC #17

What a gorgeous dress posted for the new Runway Inspired Challenge . . . check it out:
Isin't it stunning!  Not sure if I could pull it off--but the colour, softness, and fluttery feeling are definitely inspirational!

Here's my card:

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. what a pretty background! Love the bling and think you definitely pulled it off! I'm back to layers and lace today!! LOL Sorry for the scare yesterday! I was the most scared! LOL

  2. Gorgeous, and I love that the butterflies capture, as you call it, a "fluttery feeling!" Thanks for joining us on the Runway!

  3. Not sure if you got my last comment...I don't see it here, so I'll leave it again. I love the (as you call it) "fluttery feeling" you captured by incorporating butterflies, and your soft colors are perfect. Thanks for joining us on the Runway!


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