Monday, November 23, 2009

365 Cards--Day #268 Try a Technique

Okay, so I'm such a boob.  I started following 365 Cards in October, and thought the weekly challenges started on Monday, since Pam posted her Top Trio and Weekly All Stars on Mondays (I kinda wondered how she posted results so quickly).  Any-who, I patted myself on the back yesterday for getting all of last weeks challenges done, but I guess I was one day off.  Oh well . . . now I already have 2 done for this week!

I got today's challenge done really quickly--I took advantage of the fact my two little boys decided to sleep in--heaven!!  It was a super easy card to make.  The challenge was to make some "thumbprint art".  I used the top of my thumb to make these hollies--some areas got darker, I think because I printed onto textured paper, so it gives a shaded/dimensional look to them.  I also used my thumb to distress the leaves.  I left the card rather simple.  It's a small, blank Martha Stewart notecard that has embossed edges--perfect to attach to a gift bag with some ribbon.

Thanks 4 your time!


  1. love the thumb print hollies,
    simplicity at its best,
    sandra xxx

  2. Aren't you a smarty! That's super creative. Love that card! You gals that can do the simple and elegant cards impress me so much. When I try them they look like...well...they look bad. LOL

  3. Oh, yes, that is quite creative; such a lovely card Tammy!

  4. oh i luv the simple and elegant look (i can never create that!) and way to take advantige of the kids sleeping in :0)

  5. This is a wonderful card...simple elegance is not always easy to achieve, but you rocked!


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