Friday, December 4, 2009

365 Cards--Day #278 A Little Wordy

   I was so happy to see today's 365 Cards' challenge--"Cover the background of your card with words"!  Why?  Because I just bought a large Stampin' Up background stamp--Dictionary definition of "love".  The best part was that I bought it for only $5 off Kijiji--someone's was clearing out her stash--yay for me!

   Any way, I figured this was a great background for a Christmas card for my hubby.  I'm not 100% crazy about it--sort of wish I hadn't included the flower petals (honestly, I was trying to cover a mistake), but seeing as how my husband always seems impressed with anything I create, I'm sure it'll be fine.  
 The PP is My Minds's Eye--fittingly called "Everyday 'Love' Heart Imprints".  I inked the edges of the PP with Colorbox Cranberry. I created the sentiment using text boxes in Word with the following fonts: Courier New (which mimics the stamp's font), Castellar and Pristina. 
   I cut out the heart free hand, covered it in glue and then sprinkled Martha Stewart yellow gold glitter--another great deal--70% off at Michaels after Halloween--crazy--they sell the exact same stuff now at full price but with Christmas packaging.  How silly!  I'm all about getting great deals!!  Added some glitter to the flowers too.  Set the sentiment and heart with foam dimensional adhesive.  Here's a closer look:

Well, thanks 4 your time!  Off to decorate the gingerbread house with my kids!  Yum--candy!!


  1. And this one is also very beutiful! (I looked first the latest...).
    I find the hiding flower petal very charming. I wouldn't take it out!
    so you covered Christmas and Valentine's day in one card... LOL

  2. what a beautiful card! he will love it :0) and i am right there with you on the deals! you realy have to watch for the packaging tricks


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