Thursday, January 14, 2010

365 Cards--Day 317 Crazy Eight

So 365 Cards followers . . . did you think I fell off the face of the planet?  Well, I didn't ;) 
I've been working on some other stuff, and since my crafting resolution was to get organized and get caught up on scrapbooking, well, that's just left little time for 365's daily challenges . . .

So . . . this is my first 365 challenge of 2010!!  Day 317 "Crazy Eight" calls for using eight colours on our card.  I just got this houndstooth stamp in the clearance bin at Michaels for 33 cents!!    It's just a small square stamp--so I'm still practicing with lining it up correctly to create a flawless patterned background. I'm giving this card to my GF who's visiting from British Columbia next week--it's always a "happy day" when I get to see her!!

Here's my card (sorry the photo is not very focused):

8 colours are: a few shades of purple, lime green, aqua, yellow, pink, teal, cream and tan (inked edges of scallop)

Also, since I did say I've been catching up on scrapbooking layouts--here's one I just finished tonight.  I'm thinking I need to add something more, but I can't figure it out.  Any suggestions??

Thanks 4 your time!  I hope I can participate in 365 cards more often!!


  1. Great 8 color card! Love all the scallops!

  2. yikes!-8 colors-you did a wonderful job with this challenge!

    i think your page is great-love you pictures!

  3. Ooh, clever take on the 365 challenge - I love the layering of colors!


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