Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Around the World Challenge #1

Just found a great new challenge via my friend Virginia's blog.  She had a link to the Clip-n-Cuts blog--I had visited it before a few times, but now, blog owner Vicky is hosting a fun weekly challenge called Around the World--Yay!!  It's a great inpiration challenge.  Here's the scoop from her post:

•Each Thursday Vicky will post a photo from some place around the world.

•You make a card/scrapbook page/paper craft inspired by the photo. No restrictions! Just get inspired by the colors on the photo, or by the shapes you see, or even by the general feeling or the culture of that place! It’s up to you.

•Post your project on your blog/gallery and then submit it to the appropriate Clip-n-Cuts post.

•The submissions will last for 5 days (there is a countdown just next to the submit button so no matter your timezone you know how much time you have left).

•When submissions are over all the projects will be available for voting. A little star will be shown just above each submission.

•All you’ll have to do is click on the star of your favorite project . (Inlinkz voting totally rocks). Now readers pick the winner not the blog owner! Isn’t that cool?!

•You can vote just one card (not your own) but you can tell all your blog-friends to vote as well

•The voting will last for 2 days. You will be notified by email when the voting is starting!

•The top 3 winners will be featured on my blog and the 1st winner wins a $25 gift certificate from twopeasinabucket! 
Isin't that GREAT?!  Here's this week's inpiration photo:
Here's my card:
I love the crisp white and blue in the photo, so I tried to resemble that crispness with the blue flowers on white background.  When I think of Greece I think of the sea, flowers and olives [my love for Greek salad I guess :) ], so I had to add "olive" green in there too.
I just found this challenge last night, and quickly made up a card.  I had a field trip with my son today, so I'm getting this in just before the deadline I think.  I hope any of you reading this and learning about this challenge can join in next week for the fun!!
Thanks 4 your time!!


  1. Thank you so much for submitting this wonderful card on the challenge. I love the way you did the flowers and the olive green really adds to the card. Love that it's one layer card! Simple and beautiful!

  2. YAY! Tammy, I'm glad that you join the challenge! What a beautiful interpretation! Love this delightful card!

  3. This is beautiful, you must have gotten it in at the end, I had already voted and then realized there were 2 I hadn't seen. Wonderful take on Vicky's Challenge.

  4. So pretty! I love the way you stamped the flowers!

  5. Beautiful flowers Tammy, love the CAS design.

  6. Simply beautiful----I thought they were cut outs---TFS----Nancy

  7. Such a pretty card! Love the blue on white.


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