Friday, April 23, 2010

My 100th Post!!! {a LONG one too!}

Wow--when I started this blog back in the fall, I never imagined I would make it to 100 posts, but here I am!!  I had no idea how much joy reader comments would bring me each day!  Really, they all make me smile! I THANK each of you who has taken the time to leave me some love!  I think my cardmaking has developed a lot since I started blogging, participating in challenges, and being inspired by so many of YOU!!

So what better way to honour a milestone than with a card that honours another milestone!  My parents are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary next month!  They take care of my grandmother [who is in the late stages of Alzheimers] full time.  My sister and I would have loved to send them away on a trip or even a weekend, but they refuse to take time away (even though they SO need it and deserve it).  They wouldn't want a big party either, so we decided to invite just some of their close friends and family out for lunch, and then we'll head back to my parents' for some cake and coffee.  Pretty low-key, but I wanted to make a nice invite, nonetheless!  I only had to make 8 invites (one of which will be a keepsake for my parents).

40th Anniversary is considered the Ruby Anniversary, so I found these big ruby brads that double as the zero digit in 40.  The card is a hybrid creation: I created the sentiment on Word first and then printed it  onto cardstock first, then I stamped and heat embossed the damask print. [On a two of the cards above you'll see I stamped a bit of damask on the bottom, but then decided to omit it on the rest]
On another marriage note, my little cousin is getting married tomorrow!  So glad the forecast is calling for a sunny day!  My husband and I are pumped about getting to celebrate all day with family!  My in-laws are watching our boys for the reception, so it will be nice to have a date night too! (Okay can I stop using exclamation points?  LOL)  Any way, Dawn McVey inspired me with this card she made for a wedding she attended last week.  I just swaped the colour to suit my cousin's wedding colour scheme.
Here's her card:
Here's what she inspired:

Again, thanks to all of you who visit my blog!  I hope my creations can inspire you -- even if it's just a bit!
Thanks 4 your time!!


  1. love your cards, esp. the colors on the first card! have a wonderful time at the wedding reception:)

  2. Congrats on you 100th post, Tammy. Your wedding invites for your parents are GORGEOUS!! Love your wedding card for cousin's wedding. So much goodness in this post :)

  3. Lovely cards, I especially love those BIG ruby gemstones, they really set the mood for a fun party. Congrats on your 100th post, I hope you can keep them coming. And congrats on your real woodgrain feature on the CARDS blog from yesterday. Way to go!


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